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Visa Update

Tax Payers need no longer pay Exit Tax

By Linda Rawin

December 28th 2008

Tax Payers need no longer pay Exit TaxPreviously an Indonesian individual taxpayer or Expatriate resident, traveling abroad had to pay an exit tax at each counter point of departure from Indonesia through land, sea, and air. This tax must be paid through an Exit Tax Form and payments be made at the post office or an authorized bank at the exit points out of Indonesia.

It was announce from the department of taxation that a new ruling has been past that as of January 1st the first 2009, Indonesians leaving Indonesia with a tax-file number or NPWP ( Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak), their dependents, will no longer be required to pay the 1 million rupiah fee upon leaving the country. [more..]


Entry of Switzerland into the Schengen Area

12 December 2008

Since 12th December 2008, the Swiss-EU Schengen cooperation is operational. This means that Switzerland has started issuing Schengen visas valid for maximal three-month stays. These visa not only allow travel in Switzerland but also in the whole Schengen area. Conversely, Indonesian passport holders with a valid Schengen visa issued by other Schengen states are also able to enter Switzerland without an additional Swiss visa. This is the result of the bilateral Schengen Agreement signed in October 2004 between Switzerland and the European Union. This new development will facilitate travel in Europe for Indonesian passport holders. [more..]

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