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REDUCE YOUR PRTD (Pre Relocation Trauma Disorder)

Transportation : REDUCE YOUR PRTD (Pre Relocation Trauma Disorder)


(Pre Relocation Trauma Disorder)

Plan Early – It’s going to take longer than you think to select a mover, decide what goes (or not) and how it all gets packed.  Give yourself time to do this.  Allow for the human tendency to avoid confronting the decisions in the “sorting out” process.  Too often, this can result in “when in doubt, move it out” and makes for an unnecessarily expensive move.

Downsize Without Tears – Take a close look at all the stuff that is not used anymore and filling up your cupboards, garages and storage areas.  Too often we accumulate stuff under a false monetary value and/or sentimental value.  It helps to recognize our emotional bonds to ease the separation anxiety of letting go.  Be ruthless and find them new owners.

Practical Moving Tips  

For Families
On the Move in 2008

Eight Weeks Before. . . .

  • Have a moving log book to keep track of what you’ve done and need to do
  • Hire a Professional Mover!!
  • Designate a place or folder to keep all move documentation and paper work together
  • Check on tax requirements and customs regulations at destination
  • Contact insurance company, medical, dental, financial groups, and banks to advise on transfer of documents.  Make copies if needed
  • Don’t forget to fill prescriptions and keep enough with you until the shipment arrives
  • Pets have moving requirements that differ from country to country. Reserve your pet’s flight tickets early – especially to the USA
  • Make a list of everyone you need to notify of your change of address – make an email group
  • Check bank requirements to close an account – it takes planning
  • Plan what essentials you need in your new posting and start setting aside these items now
  • Consider goods to ship, sell, and donate to AWA charities.  Remember to check the electrical appliance voltage at destination
  • Photograph home contents, make or revise insurance inventory. Identify high value items

Start Talking to Your Children Early About the Move (no matter what age they are). Moves to new locations can be traumatic for both young and older children.  Preparing them in advance gives the child plenty of time to prepare for the move.

Don't Forget About Moving Yourself!  Many hidden costs of a move often involve YOU! How are YOU getting to your new location? Where will you spend the night? What will you eat until your things arrive? If you plan this well, you'll save a lot of money. 

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