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When moving out of town or across countries, finding a good moving company is a difficult task. With the help of a good reliable moving company for domestic or industrial moving, moving can be so much easier. Moving Companies will compete for your move. Compare companies, services offered and decide what company suits your needs and budget. You save time and money when the movers compete for your business.

Find a moving company that is well maintained with appropriate facilities, equipments, and materials, a ware house with high levels of security, a strong fleet strength, superior packing materials, state-of-the-art computer capabilities along with a clearly defined organizational procedures, continuous staff training program, performance reviews, supported by well trained ,experienced, competent and motivated crew together with a quality management system. [more..]


(Pre Relocation Trauma Disorder)

Plan Early – It’s going to take longer than you think to select a mover, decide what goes (or not) and how it all gets packed.  Give yourself time to do this.  Allow for the human tendency to avoid confronting the decisions in the “sorting out” process.  Too often, this can result in “when in doubt, move it out” and makes for an unnecessarily expensive move.

Downsize Without Tears – Take a close look at all the stuff that is not used anymore and filling up your cupboards, garages and storage areas.  Too often we accumulate stuff under a false monetary value and/or sentimental value.  It helps to recognize our emotional bonds to ease the separation anxiety of letting go.  Be ruthless and find them new owners. [more..]

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