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J-Film Series
Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust
Date : Wednesday May 21st, 2008
Time : 18.30hrs
Venue : Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan
Lafayette Center III, 1155 21stP St NW
Washington DC 20036
©2006 Fuji Television/Dentsu/Toho/Shogakukan

When a brilliant female researcher accidentally turns a washing machine into a time machine, the Japanese government convinces her to go back in time to 1990 and prevent the announcement of a landmark fiscal policy that triggered the burst of Japan’s economic bubble.  When the researcher disappears the government is stuck- the time machine will only work for someone with her DNA.  They must track down the researcher’s estranged daughter, Mayumi- a debt-ridden bar hostess. 

Mayumi finds herself arriving at the peak of the bubble economy in a society obsessed with material wealth and extravagant spending.  Her warnings of the impending doom of the frivolous society fall on deaf ears.  She also finds herself drawn into the reckless and carefree lifestyle.  The only man she can count on is the younger version of the same bureaucrat who sent her back in time.  But, he is a man of the times, wild and unreliable, not yet hardened by the effects of the bubble’s burst. 

This satirical comedy takes a harsh look at Japanese bureaucracy, family values and the madness that engulfed the country during its “bubble era”.  Can a young girl and a washing machine save the country from economic collapse?

Bubble Fiction was directed by Yasuo Baba who became famous for his romantic comedies in the late 1980s such as Take me out to the Snowland (私をスキに連れて行って).

In Japanese with English Subtitles  116 minutes
This event is free and open to the public.  Reservations are required.
Seating is limited and granted on a first come, first served basis

For more information,
Please visit the Japanese Information and Culture Center website at

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