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Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan
and The DC Anime Club Presents :

Xxxholic Shown with Tsubasa Chronicles
Date : Thursday February 28th, 2008
Time : 16.30hrs
Venue : Japan Information and Culture Center, Auditorium, Embassy of Japan, 3 Lafayette Center,1155 21PstP St NW・Washington DC 20036

XXXHolic (pronounced “Holic”, with the XXX being anything that a person could be addicted to e.g. Alcoholic, mangaholic, etc) follows the story of Kimihiro Watanuki, a regular high school guy, who can see ghosts invisible to everyone else.  He befriends the witch Yuko, who helps him with his unusual ability.  In the XXXHolic movie they are summoned to a strange mansion with a group of antique collectors.  As the collectors begin to disappear and mysterious events occur, the pair realizes they are in for more than they bargained for.

Tsubasa Chronicle is about a young girl, Sakura, who is princess of the Clow Kingdom.  Sakura has visions of places she has never been and strange symbols.  One day she materializes on the site of an archeological dig on a carving of a symbol from her visions. Ethereal wings appear on her back and she begins to be sucked into the ruins but is saved by her friend, though the wings are torn from her back.  She learns that the wings are the manifestation of her soul and she must find them to survive.  Sakura sets off on a cross-dimensional journey to recover her soul.

Each of these films are based on manga (comic books) by the women’s art collective CLAMP.  CLAMP is comprised of four highly successful female manga artists.  Many of their works have been made into films.

In Japanese with English Subtitles; 95 minutes

This event is free and open to the public.
Reservations are required.

For more information and reservation, please email to:
Japan Information and Culture Center
Embassy of Japan, Washington DC 20036

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