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(C)「Three for the Road」Film Partners

The Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan Presents:

Three for the Road
Directed by Hideyuki Hirayama
Date : Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Time : 18.30hrs
Venue : Japan Information and Culture Center, Auditorium, Embassy of Japan, 3 Lafayette Center,1155 21PstP St NW・Washington DC 20036

Loosely based on the famous tale of Hizakurige, Yaji Kita Douchu Telesco is another take on the legendary journey of two friends; Yajirobe and Kitahachi who walked from Edo to Kyoto. It is a comic-buddy road trip film filled with humor and adventure. There are also many touching moments as the film explores the many sides of friendship. In this version of the classic story the men travel to Osaka in search of the legendary Telesco fish and its supposed healing powers. The movie was released in Japan this past November and received wide acclaim from audiences and critics alike. This movie stars Kanzaburo Nakamura, the famous Kabuki actor who was featured in Michel Delsol’s photography exhibition at the JICC in August and September. Kanzaburo performed at the Warner theater in July of 2007. Co-hosted with the Japan Commerce Association of Washington DC.

In Japanese with English subtitles; 108 minutes
This event is free and open to the public.
Reservations are required.

For more information and reservation, please email to:
Japan Information and Culture Center
Embassy of Japan, Washington DC 20036

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