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The Japan Information and Culture Centre, Embassy of Japan

Silent Blossoms 秘すれば花
Indigo Dyeing & Noh Masks
Date : January 18th - February 27th, 2008
Time : Monday through Friday 9.00hrs to 17.00hrs
Venue : JICC Gallery , Embassy of Japan
Lafayette Center III
1155 21stP St NW
Washington DC 20036

The deep indigo pigment formed from the polygonum plant is known as Japan Blue.  The opulent blues that can be derived from this plant have been utilized by artisans for centuries.  Artist Tamiko Matsumura utilizes Japan Blue and a tie dyeing technique to create breathtaking pieces centered on her profound sentiments towards Cherry Blossoms and Nature.

Her husband, Yasuo Matsumura, is also a master of an ancient craft- Noh mask carving.  The classical theater art of Noh has continued for over 600 years.  An integral aspect of Noh Theater is the use of masks.  Though the masks are often subtle, great detail goes into carving and painting them. The play of light and shadow on the masks gives them great versatility. 

“In bringing together Noh masks and Indigo we hope to create a new dimension and bring about an innovative and uncommon space. Nothing would make us happier than if our creations resonate with the guests who kindly visit them.”
- Tamiko & Yasuo Matsumura

This exhibition is free and open to the public M-F 9am to 5pm.
Closed January 21 and February 18.

For more information,
Please visit the Japanese Information and Culture Center website at

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