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The Japan Information and Culture Centre, Embassy of Japan

Four Seasons of Kyoto An exhibition of Kyo Yuzen kimono
designed by Naoki Nomura
Opening lecture
May 15th, 18.30hrs
In the JICC auditorium - Washington
Date : May 15 to July 10
Time : Monday through Friday 9.00hrs to 17.00hrs
Venue : Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan
Lafayette Center III
1155 21stP St NW
Washington DC 20036

For over 40 years Naoki Nomura has been creating kimono.  Schooled  in the Kyo Yuzen style of kimono design, Mr. Nomura focuses on the natural beauty of his hometown of Kyoto.  Mr. Nomura believes that a kimono should enhance the charm and beauty of the person who wears it and that his creations only truly become “kimono” when they are worn.  He hopes that this display of his works will help people understand the richness of kimono design. 

Showcasing over 20 Kimono, “Four Seasons of Kyoto” is a retrospective of Mr. Nomura’s creative career.The centerpiece of this exhibition is a series of four kimono capturing the four seasons and Kyoto’s famous Higashiyama mountain range.

The opening lecture for “Four Seasons of Kyoto” will feature a demonstration of the proper way to wear a kimono and a performance of traditional Japanese dance by Ms. Naoko Tada, who will be dressed in one of Mr. Nomura’s creations.

For more information,
Please visit the Japanese Information and Culture Center website at

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