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Overview - 2011 Yearly Horoscope



January 20 – February 18

You've made elaborate plans for 2011, and are determined to complete them all. There could, however, be last-minute changes that need to be made. Don't be too inflexible. Go with the flow. You're an upbeat person, and no matter what happens, you do your best to make the most of it – especially when it comes to acquiring knowledge. You'll learn more in the first few months than you did in all of 2010. Don't push yourself too hard, however. There's no hurry. Don't forget to take time out to relax and enjoy life. You enjoy getting out and meeting new people, and there are very few whom you consider your soul mates. It's easier for you to make casual friends, and you are kind to even your difficult relatives. This year, you just might find more close companions than you ever did before. Learn from them. Get to know them well. Enjoy!

Your skill with computers and other forms of modern technology has brought you to where you are today. Work hard and you'll continue to advance and make a name for yourself. Are you looking for a new employer? A good reference could propel you into a position you'll actually like. If you don't have the skills you need, take a course or two. You can master it. Even if you like your present employer, advancement is almost a required goal this year. Just keep enhancing your proficiencies, and you may move up very quickly. You're skilled and intelligent, and most of your colleagues not only respect you, they like you a lot. You're good with people and strive to be very accommodating. There are even those who envy you.

Continue to increase your skills, and you're likely to become invaluable - if you're not already. Expect job satisfaction and respect, and eventually more money.

Even in this era of burgeoning technology, skilled people like you are in the minority. If your company has a good incentive program, you could build a sizeable nest egg by the end of the year. However, be careful to curtail your impulse spending. With Uranus as your ruler, you could easily fall into temptation too often for comfort. Be practical.

Source: Mary Devlin

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2011 Chinese Horoscopes
12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in the Year of the Metal Rabbit

The Chinese New Year 4709 falls in spring February 3 2011. Those born on February 4th of this year belong to the sign of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. The western calendar year 2011 is the Chinese New Year 4709, and is the Year of the Metal Rabbit, that represents the fourth year in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac uses 12 animal signs to predict people's fortune. The twelve animals are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are determined by people's birth year. Most of Internet Chinese horoscope sites use Chinese New Year Day to determine the Chinese zodiac sign, which is wrong.

The metal Rabbit year is compatible signs born in the year 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011. These signs are expected to reap good luck or good fortune during this year.  The rabbit a domesticated animal is gentle and calm but panics easily.

Besides using astrology animal signs basic fighting and attraction relationships, Chinese zodiac also uses Chinese astrology constellations, which are the way ancient Chinese grouped the stars in the sky, to predict the coming fortune. More than 100 stars are using in the Chinese zodiac. The common use ones are about 60. Each star has different characteristics. Basically, they can be divided into Lucky Stars and Unlucky Stars, which are the major factors to predict people good or bad luck in the coming year.

Click on your Chinese zodiac sign or birth year below to peek your fortune of Career, Money Love and Health in 2011, the year of Rabbit.


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