Greek Carnival float

Apokries, Clean Monday, the first day of Lent
An end of the festive Greek Patras Carnival fever

By Linda Rawin
March 8th 2011

Signaling the end of the carnival in Greece, Kathari Deftera also known as, ‘Clean Monday’ marks the first  day of Lent which will last for 40 days before Easter Sunday and her celebrations. Although I am a Muslim, I asked Mdm Loreen Neville a Catholic and she academically explain to me, “That basically the Catholic process towards Easter Sunday begins with Ash Wednesday followed by Holy Thursday, Good Friday or in Greece 'Megali Paraskevi' and Palm Sunday and is in worshipped to Christ the Lord, the savoir”.

However, in the Greek festival and celebrations of the very same events as the Catholics, there are some forms of difference. Certain festivals and events in Greece may focus on the Eastern Orthodox religious calendar and like the Greek Patras carnival celebrations an event before Lent also refers to ceremonies of Ancient Greece and are associated to the worship of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and festivity. This is something that the Catholics do not celebrate. It is exclusively Greek.   ..... (more..)

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