TELKOM VISION: Telkom’s Prepaid TV cables  

By Leicester Wells

March 1st 2008


“Peter Barter bought some butter. The butter Peter bought was bitter. So Peter Barter bought better butter to make the bitter butter better”

On the 15th February 2008, at the Telkom Speedy Customer gathering, one of the pamphlets in the goody bag announced that Telkom has a new product called TELKOM VISION, a prepaid television cable network. Researching on the product, apparently on the 27th July 2007, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) launched its TV cable network, Telkom Vision. The pre paid TV system allows the customers to choose the program and buy a refill voucher, flexible enough for customers to plan their budget.

According to Eddy Kurnia, the Vice President of Public and Marketing Telkom Vision, “Telkom Vision offers a variety of interesting programs for the entire family and packed to various offerings such as Movies, Sports, Kids World, Science, etc. “Telkom Vision different than other pay TV products. Customers can use general parabola (free to air) and also add a tool which call LNB or broadcast card, which can receive hundred free program from Telkom Satelite.”

Customer’s Choice, real marketing.

This means that Indonesian consumers will be able to have a choice from Telkom Vision, Digital 1 and Indovision. Previously, the only cartel that controlled cable TVs was Indovision. Then came Cable vision renamed Digital 1, from the Lippo group.

This should be great news for consumers like us who used to engage Digital 1 before switching cable provider to Indovision. Digital 1 customer’s service lacked the decent courtesy and efficiency with experience leaving us without cable programs for almost a month. Pity, because unlike Indovision, Digital 1, had more programs which included Fox News, an American Channel which gives us an insight about what’s going on in America.

Here lies America, slain by CNN and Channel News Asia lack of research and originality.

CNN according to a number of Americans and Diplomats in Indonesia, said that CNN is very biase and have shown through their reportage a Great HATE for the Republicans. Yes, I think I agree with those comments because I too noticed it. In fact, because of this hate for the Republicans, certain Asian groupings have begun, if not already shown hate for America. Ted Tuner the owner of CNN or one of its owner groups is a democrat. CNN has projected America to be the beast and have been hitting for 8 years battering the Republicans, somewhat creating the fall of America- here lies America slain by CNN.

CNN is a very political Channel. The problem is, for the American public in America, it is fine, but when you take the Asian audience especially Indonesia, it can become dangerous because sentiments for brotherhood of Nations of the same religion are very strong. For example When George Bush visited Bogor-Indonesia, the reception was not accepted by protestors. I questioned a number of them on the streets, this is what they said. "You must watch CNN, America themselves don’t like that President." How do you explain to these type of demonstrators where many do not even have an educational degree yet alone went to school that CNN = POLITICS, that the said Channel is very pro Democrat. Then another example is look at Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela and the Iranian President and other Jihad Extremists or militants enthusiastic outcry “Death to America” this have been so to speak, fuelled by CNN. CNN biased reportage on Israel with American backings do not cover the side of Israel. Because of hate for Americans as a whole, the American citizens here in Indonesia do not mingle with the American Government issuing travel warnings. CNN can be blamed for this.

Another example, Indo Post an Indonesian newspaper, once pictured THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES H.E. GEORGE BUSH "as a drunkard". I called up the Editor and asked him where he obtained that news clip?, he replied, “You know the journalist just copy and paste from the internet”. I immediately stopped my subscription to Indo Post.

Included in TV Cable program packages, is Channel News Asian, a sort of copy cat Channel and Mama Mia! the presenters or producers of that channel don’t do their homework. For example was when they aired Tata Young an entertainer from Thailand, as the first Asian to enter the International entertainment scene. Hello, what are they talking about? Are we Asians that bad, as entertainers that we have to wait for Tata Young for a break through? In fact she is no more an entertainer, showing off her sexuality when millions of Americans and Philippines can do the same if not better. Asia in fact has already produced top Asian entertainers such as International acclaimed singer and song writer Freddy Aguilar with his worldwide hit song-ANAK. Freddy is also listed in the TINIG Hall of Fame at the 89th National Press Club. Then there is LEA Salonga, who began her singing career at the age of ten, recording her first album Small voice. She became an international hit when she starred in Miss Saigon, later being offered the singing voice role of Jasmine in the Disney Film Aladdin in 1992. Lea Salonga also performed for dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth II, George Bush and Bill Clinton in 2002 playing Mei-Lin, in the Broadway musical and revival of the Flower Drum Song. Her other hit also included her role performance in playing Fantine in Les Miserable. The last straw for me to stop tuning into that Channel was when that same presenter agreed with two participants who mentioned that under Soeharto, Indonesia had only 10% of the poor left. (Soeharto’s Legacy Coverage). They must be joking. Channel News Asia does not do their homework.

Most cable TV packages always include CNN and BBC Channels. The British Broad Casting Channel is good in a sense that their news reportage is neutral covering the facts, however British sense of humour, have to be understood. Business report from Tanya Beckyett of BBC World is one of the very few presenters with a perfect smile which always makes my day.

The point is that TV Cable providers should allow more programs in their main packages because most subscribers opt only for the main or initial package. Now if Telkom Vision would include in their packages FOX NEWS, I will subscribe right away. So I have more choices when watching television and news. It is good that Telkom Vision have included National Geographic because not only is the Channel an educational one but most of the expatriates and Diplomatic communities in Indonesia watch that NG Channel.

Telkom Vision TV must show customers for example like me, why would I subscribe to TELKOM VISION prepaid cable when there are two other TV cables providing the same shows? Now if TELKOM Vision includes FOX NEWS and ALJAZEERA NEWS ENGLISH, because Indovison do not have Fox News ………………Yippee, Cooky the cat and I, will be happy satisfied customers.

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