Jakarta Event - Duo Ubiet-Dian HP: Dedendangan

Duo Ubiet-Dian HP: Dedendangan

In Komposisi Delapan Cinta (2011) the duo of Ubiet-Dian HP used Indonesian "art songs" as their inspiration and reference, while Dedendangan works with Malay music. They present once again the richness and important characteristics of Malay music which developed in the Indonesian archipelago and was enriched by a number of breakthroughs. Besides maintaining the instruments usually found in this music such as drum, accordion, flute, and violin, they have also added the electric bass. The lyrics have retained the pantun poetic form, and they are again working with the poets Sitok Srengenge and Nirwan Dewanto. No doubt, Dedendangan is a refreshing reinterpretation of a tradition which has developed in the archipelago since five centuries ago.

Ubiet is an ethnomusicologist who works on vocals using various styles, techniques, and expressions. For Ubiet, singing is not simply producing sweet sounds, but also creating sounds that are dissonant and not harmonious. While Dian HP is known by the public as an arranger for various performances of pop music, film, as well as theater. They worked together in the fusion jazz group, Splash, in the 1980s and also worked together in the group Kroncong Tenggara.

Date: Saturday, May 26th 2012
Time: 8.00 pm
Ticket: IDR 50.000 (public)
IDR 25.000 (Student)
Venue: Salihara Gallery, Jakarta

For more information, please call:
salihara Gallery
Tel. 021-789-1202

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