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Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran

Indonesia: Asia's emerging powerhouse
Indonesia is now the 3rd fastest growing economy amongst the world’s wealthy industrial countries and major emerging markets (G20). A US investment bank said the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China), which had been fuelling global growth for several years should now include Indonesia. Another securities house has ingeniously invented the term “Chindonesia”. China, India and Indonesia, as Asia's economic bulwarks. The Jakarta stock exchange index, in US dollar terms, has risen by around 95% making the bourse the world's second-best and Asia's best performer. Indonesia's GDP growth is expected to reach 5% in 2010, 6% in 2011 and potentially 7% in 2012  

One Event – 3 Key Shows

1. Power Indonesia

With this strong economy driving the growing demand for energy at over 19% by 2011 the Indonesian Government has pledged to increase power generation, transmission and distribution throughout the country over the next 5 years and provide “Electricity For All” by 2020. To meet the increasing requirement from the real estate, industrial, commercial, household, transport and retail sectors the development programme will utilize all available energy sources not just the US$26 Billion already sanctioned for new coal fired plants. In January 2010 the government announced a second 10,000MW project, at a cost of US$16 Billion, to build a further 93 power plants by 2014. 39% to be Geothermal, 33% Coal, 16% Gas and 12% Hydro Power.


However until this new capacity is available supply shortages are routine throughout the country and every business, housing complex and facility has to invest in some form of back-up power. Here too green technology using Indonesia’s natural gas and biomass resources is attracting the world’s leading gen-set manufacturers.

2. Renewable Energy

The Government is also committed to maximizing the country’s considerable renewable energy resources, providing unique opportunities for international suppliers of the latest sustainable technology. New power plants to be built will be ones generating green energy such as geothermal and hydropower plus gas fired plants. The country has capacity in hydropower of 64,000MW but is currently utilizing only 5,000MW and has 45% of the world’s geothermal energy resources. Renewable Energy Indonesia 2011 will provide direct access to the leading executives, from both the public and private sector, responsible for Indonesia’s sustainable development programme including; geothermal, hydro, natural gas, bio-fuels, solar and wind.

Electric Indonesia

Indonesia is South East Asia’s biggest market, a growing economic power in the region and is likely to become increasingly important in the future. It is a high-growth market with a growing and affluent middle class bigger than Australia or Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia combined. 97 million people will be given access to electricity by 2020. This considerable buying power is driving a construction boom not just in housing and retail but also schools and hospitals which in turn fuels the ever growing demand for electrical installation supplies and contractors equipment.

Organized by:

PT Pamerindo Indonesia was established with the sole purpose of organizing specialized trade exhibitions for the Indonesian Market. The Company has grown considerably and now organizes over 20 trade exhibitions in the Building & Construction, Electric, Food & Hotel, Manufacturing, Mining, Packaging, Plastics & Rubber, Oil & Gas sectors.

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