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Jakarta Event - Dance Panji Sepuh
Panji Sepuh

Apa Gerangan Dosa Tubuh?
Director by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin
Composer by Tony Prabowo
Scriptwriter by Goenawan Mohamad Lighting/Stage Designer by Clink Sugiarto
Dancers by Aloysia Neneng Yunianti, Dorothea Quin Suharti, Ina Vivanaputri, Sri Lestari, Ningtyas Pujikurniastanti, Retno Sulistyorini, Rury Avianti, S. Pamardi, Dona
Actor by Landung Simatupan

Panji Sepuh, performed since 1993, began as a collaborative work of Sulistyo Tirtokusumo (as director and choreographer), Tony Prabowo, and Goenawan Mohamad—as well as the dancers who were involved in the piece from the beginning and contributed ideas to the choreography.  Since then, Panji Sepuh has been performed in various locations in Indonesia and abroad, such as Australia, Korea, and Singapore; and has undergone various developments.

The performance this time will present a dance piece that has been adapted for over 15 years since it was first created. This time, Panji Sepuh will be accompanied by contemporary music composed by Tony Prabowo, and traditional style songs composed by Goenawan Mohamad sung by the dancers and musicians.  Although it can be said to be inspired by a dance that reputedly must be performed by every future king of Surakarta in a closed room, Panji Sepuh presents something new every time it is performed.  This time also, Panji Sepuh appears like a “new piece” in terms of reconstruction of movements, direction, and the lyrics of the songs.  With nine dancers and nine musicians, the audience can expect to see non-figurative body movements which are intense.  There is no linear narrative, just a montage of images that continuously move and portray a range of emotions and human vulnerability in the face of many things that take place around them.

Date:August 12th -13th 2011
Ticket:IDR 100.000 (public) and IDR 50.000 (student-limited seating)
Venue:Salihara Gallery
Jl. Salihara No. 16, South Jakarta

For more information, please call:
Tel. +62 21 789 1202

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