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Birtherism: Donald Trump´s wake up call

By Loreen Neville
May 2nd 2011

Should Donald Trump become the President of the United States of America in 2012, it would be the end of the American chapter in the world.

On April 27 2011, when Barack Obama proved his American citizenry by revealing his original long form birth certificate, Donald Trump instead of apologizing to the President for his unfounded mistake, in a bid to save his face, in a press conference, in New Hampshire blew his trumpet declaring,

"Today I'm very proud of myself, because I've accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish. Our president has finally released a birth certificate."

It was so clear from the very beginning before the 2008 American presidency that Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii.  Barack Obama is the first African-American and the 44th President of the United States of America. Inaugurated on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was elected President on November 4, 2008 from the Democratic Party. His father, Barack Obama Senior, was from Kogelo, Kenya, Africa and his mother Mrs. Stanley Ann Dunham is from Kansas, United States of America.

America has the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, an agency of the United States Department of Justice that serves both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency with legal attaches in the U.S embassies worldwide. In addition, America has an efficient immigration and intelligence department that works with Interpol and other agencies scattered in the world today.

America has produced great presidents except for the defunct former President Nixon over the water gate scandal. Historically, America in 1989, saw to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the fall of communism across Eastern Europe, thus emerging as the world’s most powerful nation processing enormous military might and technology often dubbed as the ‘global policemen’.  At the end of the 19th century the Spanish-American War also saw America ascend onto the international stage. America has fought in two world wars and during those days developed a booming economy. America was also part of an earlier ‘economic weapon’ known as the ‘Marshal Plan’ that helped rebuild Western Europe.   

In short, would America be declared a super power: If the country didn’t have the intelligence to become one yet alone figuring out if Barack Obama is for real or not. Barack Obama had served for three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, before running for the 2008 presidency. Don’t you think, his opponent would then have tried to retrieve something against him? Would the FBI, CIA, The Pentagon keep silent, if a mere suspicion blossom suggesting that Obama is not an American? If so, would it not be more appropriate that those institutions be the first to expose the latter before he was elected as President of America? Don’t you think that the success teams of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, running for presidency in 2008, would by then geared enough swinging mud to swing at each other during the campaign bandwagon?

Dubbed the Birther issue

President Barack Obama's copy of the original long form birth certificate

It was on June 9 2008, when Jim Geraghty unconsciously initiated the conspiracy theories when he asked Barack Obama to release his birth certificate to curb the rumors found floating in cyber space. The allegations were that the President’s name was Muhammad rather than Hussein. Barack Obama was originally named Barry and that he was not a natural-born American citizen.  These conspiracy theories also allege that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, in Indonesia and that his birth certificate is a forgery. Some even spread rumors that Obama was a Muslim which befell on the happy welcoming ears of the Indonesian Muslims. Dubbed as the Birther issue, re-surfaced during the 2008 McCain Campaign however was immediately called off.

All theses conspired allegations had meant to imply that since Obama is not a citizen he is therefore not eligible for the American Presidency.

In March 2011, Donald Trump picking up the birther torch, while contemplating running for president, during an interview on Good Morning America, publicly said that he was, “skeptical of Obama's citizenship, and that someone who shares this view shouldn't be so quickly dismissed as an "idiot". Donald Trump also repeated his allegations against President Obama several times on the popular TV show the View, demanding to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate, “I want him to show his birth certificate, there’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like".

In an NBC TV interview broadcast on April 7, 2011, Donald Trump again revealed that he was not satisfied with Obama birth certificate issue. On April 27 2011, President Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate proving Donald Trump was dreadfully wrong.

Reason why Donald Trump would not qualify as the President of the United States in 2012

On April 27 2011, right after the president had released his long form birth certificate, NBC’s, Shawna Thomas wrote, "allowing him (Donald) the chance to disagree with the President on how he's handling rising gas prices in the country saying Obama "should be focused on OPEC and getting those prices down." As well as Libya where Trump said he would've handled that situation differently, "The rebels, I hear, are controlled by Iran and Al Qaeda...You could end up with worse than Khaddafy perhaps."

That phrase alone, “The rebels, I hear, are controlled by Iran and Al Qaeda” displayed Donald’s Trump lack of intelligence and knowledge as to the devastating blood shed reality and conflicts on Libyan soil. How would the Libyan freedom fighters, where many hav died fighting to break free from a rumbling mad Libyan ruler like Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his regime, react upon hearing Trump’s statements?

  • Unless Donald Trump has not updated his information that the freedom fighters or rebels are supported by majority of the world leaders, the African Union, lead by NATO and not Al Qaeda, it clearly shows his general knowledge on world affairs.
  • That Colonel Muammar Gaddafi regime have been known to finance and have links to various African militias in African countries, where murders and smugglings have long been part of the regime’s business as usual schemes.
  • I am sure the world who had followed the Libyan conflict would remember that it was Gaddafi himself, in a live telecast via the Libyan State TV relayed and translated worldwide by Aljazeera, BBC World News and CNN stating “that the rebels are drug addicts, controlled by foreigners and Al Qaeda.” Is Donald trying to say he believes Muammar Gaddafi?

It is easy to predict basing on the case files on the fall of Saddam Hussein of Iraq, lootings, disorder and killings had led to the country’s insurgency. The vast mountainous outlying regions of Iraq made it difficult to curb and track perpetrators not wanting a democratic change of a new Iraq. Libya would not be any different. Replacing Saddam Hussein’s Regime may took just weeks to dismantle; however, it’s was the aftermath of developing self governing that has taken its toll. NATO and America have learnt those lessons. A repeat in Libya would be another time consuming mission. Nonetheless, the removal and crushing of the Gaddafi regime is imminent paving the way in dismantling a corrupt regime to hopefully bridge the way of a new Libya, irrespective of speculated consequences or risks.

The Gaddafi leadership, had ample time yet failed to provide, upgrade its own citizenry, many of whom have been living in dire conditions, less educated than her neighbours. As foretold and witness by the Libyan people, the Gaddafi machine for years participated in silencing those who would speak up, or wanted change while the regime conveniently and discreetly plundered the country’s assets. Upon Gaddafi’s departure, of course, the possibility of all hell breaking loose between the rival tribal fractions, the freedom fighters, and remnant pro Gaddafi military supporters, would evidently been seen. True peace and progress can only be achieved when the Libyans decide to foster a united cycle of life and install a transition government.

The annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner

On April 30th 2011, during the annual White House Correspondents dinner held in the Hilton Hotel Ballroom in Washington, before a formally dressed audience of more than 2,000 guests, I watched the Medias focus a number of times, on the now not smiling Donald Trump and his very young wife Melania Trump during the president’s speech.

Barack Obama subtly took up Donald Trump’s challenge by crediting him “for making hard decisions such as firing Gary Busey over Meatloaf on an episode of the Apprentice and succeeding in his push for the president to release his long-form birth certificate”.

"Now, he can focus on more important matters like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?" Barack Obama also referred to what “The Donald’s White house might look like” pointing to a screen that showed a Hollywood cabaret type of a Trump white house in glittery letters with bikini girls in a Jacuzzi fountain drinking cocktails.

Obamas Trump white house

At this point, President Obama is right. It is no secret that businessman Donald Trump is ‘only worth 2.7 billion’ in America. Donald Trump is no knight in shinning armour nor has Donald ever concretely stood for the people of America yet only the world, except perhaps when Donald tried to rescue a beauty queen involved in hard drinks from bad press. Donald owns the right of the Miss Universe beauty pageant and co producers the show with NBC. Donald is known for his investments in casinos and hotels properties, his string of wives and divorcers, scandals and affairs, all often exposed by the American press.

The TV reality program, ‘The Apprentice’ launched in 2004, where candidates are eliminated with a humiliating gesture, “You’re Fired” was a cruel show and gave an insight to Donald Trump’s so called charismatic character. According to Forbes magazine, Donald filed corporate bankruptcy in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009. These filed bankruptcies are only over his properties in Atlantic City, currently being operated ‘under the label of Trump Entertainment Resorts’. Donald Trump never files for personal bankruptcy, a clever trick found within the loopholes of banking laws. To monetary recover, Donald sold his name ‘TRUMP’ as a brand over his properties, as an alternative rather than rebranding, a move that offered him higher percentages. Whether Donald Trump has abused the bankruptcy system or not, time will tell us.  

In 2007, in yet another media grabbing stunt, Donald Trump defied the coastal town of Palm Beach zoning guidelines. In violation of the town codes, Trump was fined 1,250 a day for flying a large American flag atop an 80-foot flagpole at his club. Donald Trump was accused of violating zoning guidelines and standards, for installing a flagpole taller than 42 feet without a building permit and permission from the landmarks board. Like a spoilt brat, Trump refused to take down the flag, instead filed a $25 million lawsuit against the town. If the town folks can abide by her laws and regulations, so should Donald Trump.

President Barack Obama before ending his speech at the dinner said, “As some of you heard, the state of Hawaii released my official, long-form birth certificate. Hopefully this puts all doubts to rest, but just in case there are any lingering questions tonight, I’m prepared to go a step further tonight. For the first time, I am releasing my official birth video. I am warning you, no one has seen it for 50 years not even me” The birth video was a Disney's Lion King Clip, depicting the unveiling of the baby Simba in Africa.

The wise  Raifiki carries Simba

A moral lesson to the animation

If we recall the multi wining award American movie, The Lion King, ‘cycle of life’ released on June 15 1994, produced by Walt Disney Animations to Obama’s video comedy perhaps we can comprehend what Barack Obama was implying.

In the actual movie, the story depicts a young lion prince Simba born in Africa, Pride Land region. Simba’s uncle Scar, second to the line to the throne, the younger brother of the Lion King Mufasa, Simba’s father, was displeased upon the birth of Simba. Feeling threaten and wanting the throne for himself, Scar plots to kill Musfasa and Simba obtaining help from the gang of the outlawed ruthless greedy hyenas of Pride Land.
The animated character Scar

Scar manages to kill King Mufasa and succeeded in brainwashing Simba into thinking it was Simba’s fault.  Simba flees the kingdom in shame. Scar then rules Pride Land with the hyenas bringing about a reign of terror, murders, and famine.

In an attempt to save the kingdom, Mufasa’s ghost summon by the wise Rafiki, leads Simba to return to Pride Land and to re-take his place as the rightful King. Upon returning Simba confronts Scar on Pride Rock throwing him off the cliff. Scar survives the fall however was attacked and eaten by the hyenas who felt that Scar had betrayed them.   

‘Scar gone and the hyenas banished, the fire goes out as it starts to rain’. On the edge of pride rock, Simba looks up into the sky and hears Mufasa.  Simba finding his way in the cycle of life lets out a roar to which the animals in the kingdom bow to their rightful king.  What a moving happy ending.

Paul Harris of the Guardian UK brilliantly wrote:

“The timing of the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate expertly made a fool of Donald Trump and the GOP with him. Given that his credentials as a citizen have been questioned by a significant minority of his fellow Americans, President Barack Obama could have justifiably been a bit annoyed as he finally released his long-form birth certificate.  After all, he has more pressing things on his mind: like numerous wars and the ever-stuttering US economy. But the lunatic birther movement, championed by Donald Trump, appeared to have forced his hand, questioning the very Americanisms of the country's first black president so loudly that he had to act. To the surprise of no one with two brain cells to rub together, the document proved that, yes, in fact, Obama was indeed born on American soil.

Yet Obama seemed barely in chiding mode at having to deal with this idiocy. Instead, he appeared relaxed. He told reporters that he had "watched with amusement" as the rumours spread and been surprised they refused to go away. "I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going," he said, before adding the sanest words anyone has uttered on the subject: "We do not have time for this kind of silliness."

The fact is that the Obama administration has played the recent spasm of birther attention remarkably well. They have let Trump rise up on a balloon of inflated birther nonsense, getting near the top of Republican polls for the 2012 nomination and then promptly popped it underneath him. Look at the timing. This was meant to be a moment all about Trump appearing in New Hampshire, the vital first state to hold a primary in the nomination process. It was a moment where Trump the outsider upstart was meant to begin to look a little serious.

Instead, the White House timed the release so that Trump would be right in the media's glare when the birther bubble burst. Not surprisingly, he looked like an idiot. At a news conference, he blustered about his proud achievement in forcing the release of the birth certificate, then attempted to cast a little doubt on it and finally made up a CNN poll that he claimed showed him neck-and-neck with Obama in the race (CNN promptly reported no such poll exists).

No one needed any more proof to understand that Trump is a joke in very poor taste. But he provided it anyway in long form. Not that Trump will give two hoots. His brand is about reality TV and celebrity, not political, reality. But the Republican Party should care. “A lot.”  Which is why Obama has played this well. His team waited for Trump to have enough rope to hang himself on the birther issue, and in doing so, have helped him toxify the Republican brand, just as he tried to debut his serious side. In context analysis, I agree with Paul Harris.

We can rest assure that the case of Obama’s Birth certificate has been laid to rest unless another “idiot” decides to bring it up again. The lesson of the Birther issue is Donald Trump’s wake up call in his bid to run for the 2012 presidency.  Whether Donald Trump and the likes of people like Michelle Malkin, a Fox News regular guest of Filipino decent, who often utters un-confounded facts or rubbish, actually believing herself to be a know it all, who calls President Obama fraudulent, must accept the fact, like it or not, that His Excellency Barack Obama is the 44th elected President of the United States of America. Debating on unfavourable policies is humanly relevant but false suggestions amounting to accusations or fraudulent reports are a different matter and falls within the sphere of the balance of law.

Donald Trump could learn more facts and accurate information in regards to the Middle East conflicts. He can start by using convenient apparatus like tuning in to degree holding broadcasters and presenters relayed by degree holding journalists on the grounds or fields especially based in the Middle East, where a number have disappeared, killed or been arrested. Apart from CNN definite recommended international TV channels are Aljazeera and BBC World News, who constantly monitor situations in the Middle East and the world. Donald Trump should also watch BBC hard Talk with Stephen Zackur. Perhaps Stephen could interview the Trump and test Donald’s knowledge of the world’s current affairs, but then again after the birther issue, Donald might not be Stephen’s cup of tea, a waste of time.

  • Any person(s) who does not know the history, the civil and political conflicts of Libya, and her outlying regions, the domino reactions of the Middle East crises.
  • Any person (s) who do not understand the relations of states with each other and international organizations, the goal of arms conflicts and increase international cooperation’s, terrorism, ethnic and religious conflicts, the merging of sub states and non states entities and so on
  • Any person(s) who do not conform and exercise proper responsibility into obtaining proper facts and evidence on simple petty issues as seen with the Obama’s Birther’s case, but rather prefers to shoot his or hers mouth off thereby abusing America’s freedom of Speech  


Should not waste the people’s time nor bother to run for the Presidency of the United States of America. A divided America is not good for the world’s progress and economic welfare but is a welcoming factor to terrorism. Americans should start believing in their flag of stars known as the UNITED States of America.

Being the President of the United States or of any country for that matter is a serious job with enormous and tedious taxing tasks, where one’s life and work contributions are tremendously scrutinised leaving nothing to privacy.

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