Esperança Está Onde Menos se Espera

Esperança Está Onde Menos se Espera

May 12th 2011

Director by Joaquim Leitão
Cast by Ana Padrão, Alcídia Vaz, Carlos Nunes, José Carlos Cardoso and Virgílio Castelo

Lourenço is the son of Francisco Figueiredo, a soccer coach in the begin- ning of a very promising career. Everything goes well; Francisco’s team is in the Portuguese Cup final and Lourenço is going to be class valedicto- rian in a very prestigious private high school. But everything starts to collapse. Francisco is fired and Lourenço must transfer to a public high school whose students are predominantly from a ghetto near Lisbon. While Lourenço is fighting to fit into a new and harsh reality, he also helps his father find his lost dignity. Hope is a strange place.

Duration:100 minutes
Subtitle: Portuguese and English
Time:5.00p.m till finish
Venue:Embassy of Portugal Jakarta
Jl. Indramayu No. 2A, Menteng Jakarta

For more info, please call:
Tel. +62 21 3190 8030

Posted on April 21st 2011


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