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Opera; Tan Malaka

Opera; Tan Malaka

23-24 April 2011

Libretto by Goenawan Mohamad

Music by Tony Prabowo

Opera Tan Malaka is the latest in numerous collaborations of composer Tony Prabowo with librettist Goenawan Mohamad. Preparations for this opera began in 2009 and it was first presented at the Festival Salihara 2010. As a union of music with literature, this opera demonstrates some special features. It is called an ”opera-essay,” because what is performed is not a story but rather a discourse about one of Indonesia’s leading revolutionary figures: Tan Malaka. There is no actor who plays one character. There is no dialogue between characters. But there are two aria singers and two readers of the text sometimes crossing one another, sometimes parallel.

Opera Tan Malaka will be performed this time with a number of new elements in the music and staging.

Venue:Taman Ismail Marzuki, Graha Bakti Budaya
Jl. Cikini Raya No. 73, Jakarta
Ticket:VVIP IDR 500.000,- | VIP IDR 250.000,- | Class I IDR 100.000,-

For more info, please call:
Salihara Gallery
Tel. +62 21 789 1202

Posted on April 11th 2011


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