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Erasmus Huis presents

Tim Knol and band

January 22nd 2011

Dutch top talent coming to Jakarta
Only 20 years old, Dutch singer Tim Knol is already becoming an international star. After a successful launch in the Netherlands his debut album was also released in Great-Britain, 2010. Now he is coming to Indonesia to give three concerts and most expectedly, gain more fans.

The press was unanimously praiseful about the debut album of Tim Knol. "It seems a star is born", wrote a respected music magazine in Europe. The positive reviews in the media were almost endless; "A debut of remarkable high level", "A jewel of a debut" and "Excellent debut of a top talent". Several newspapers credited the 'Tim Knol' album with the maximum of 5 stars. Also the public embraced the album en masse, and the disc is still steadily going on.

Tim has music running through his veins and he is supported by a multisided band. Also in live performances he is convincing. Musical observers turned lyrical about the performance at the grand hall of Paradiso, Amsterdam: "In a strikingly solid rock show he managed to bring the whole hall at his feet. Because of the enthusiasm of the band and the front man Knol, it was a celebration to watch”.

Time:7.30 p.m
Venue:Erasmus Huis Jakarta
Jl. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Kuningan

For more info, please call:
Tel. +62 21 524 1069

Posted on January 10th 2011


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