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Jakarta Events Calendar and Exhibition Directory

  • Sport Photography; Exhibition Hans Heus
    Erasmus Huis Jakarta

    March 15th 2012
  • Solo Painting Exhibition Ade Pasker
    Erasmus Huis Jakarta

    May 10th 2012
  • Rupa Belanja, Rupa Kota
    Salihara Gallery, Jakarta

    January 14th 2012
  • 'Artfordable' Auction
    Kemang Village, Jakarta

    November 25th 2011
  • Textile Exhibition Manos Prodigiosas – Prodigious Hands
    Taman Ismail Marzuki

    July 29th 2011
  • "Eko Nugroho exhibition; This republic need more semeleh"
    Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92,
    South Jakarta 12110

    July 9th 2011
  • Architecture exhibition;´Life and work of C.P Wolff Schoemaker´
    Erasmus Huis Jakarta

    July 5th 2011
  • Art exhibition hijacking TV
    Salihara Gallery, jakarta

    August 6th 2011
  • Vector art exhibition
    Salihara Gallery, Jakarta

    May 28th 2011
  • The 150th anniversary of Italian unity and the De Agostinis´ cartography
    Gedung C
    Galeri Nasional Indonesia

    June 3rd 2011
  • Escapology crowd lite
    Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta

    May 6th 2011
  • The artisan´s table open house
    Jl. Arco Raya #15
    Cipete Selatan, South Jakarta

    May 13th 2011
  • Enamel exhibition
    Erasmus Huis Jakarta

    April 14th 2011
  • Crossing signs
    C Building
    Indonesian National Gallery

    April 2nd 2011
  • “Ceramic creations on Bali”
    Duta Fine Arts Foundation, Kemang - Jakarta

    April 5th 2011
  • Bara betina comics exhibition
    Salihara Gallery, Jakarta

    April 9th 2011
  • The Barewall present "Contemporary Indian Art"
    Jl. Rini 12C, Ampera Raya, South Jakarta

    February 27th 2011
  • Q! Art Exhibition
    Galeri Cipta III
    Taman Ismail Marzuki

    September 23rd 2010
  • Soekarno & Islam with Goenawan Mohamad
    Teater Salihara, Jakarta

    September 4th 2010
  • Fine Art Auction By Sidharta Auctioneer
    The Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta

    August 19th 2010
    Alun-Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia West Mall

    August 13th 2010
  • Solo Sculpture Monument and Book Launch Of Edhi Sunarso
    Galeri Salihara, Jakarta

    August 14th 2010
  • UNESCOITALIA, Italian sites in the World heritage list
    Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara, Pasar Baru-Jakarta

    July 23rd 2010
  • Wall Street Arts
    Gallery SALIHARA
    Jalan Salihara No. 16, Pasar Minggu

    July 11th 2010
  • Exhibition Dune 4.1
    Erasmus Huis
    Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Jakarta

    July 8th 2010
  • Film, Booklaunching and Opening Drawings Exhibition "Cheese" Dick Matena

    June 19th 2010
  • Marcela Taboada and Desiree Harahap - A Photograph Exhibition
    Jogja Gallery

    June 15th 2010
    Cemeti Art House / Rumah Seni Cemeti

    June 1st 2010
  • Printemps Français
    Centre Cultural Français Jakarta

    June 3rd 2010
  • Goelali Children's Film Festival 2010 -I AM A HERO
    Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia

    June 12th 2010
  • Ken Pattern Charity art exhibition
    Grand Melia Hotel, Jakarta

    April 26th 2010
  • Picturing America Art Exhibition
    Salihara Gallery

    April 9th 2010

  • Upcoming Concert in Jakarta

    Events: Performances & Entertainment

    Jakarta Highland Gathering 2010

    Restaurant Guide

  • Jakarta Animal Aid Network Present PAWDAY
    Taman Langsat, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta

    February 13th 2011
  • Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions 2010
    The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali ‐ Indonesia

    November 4th 2010 - November 7th 2010
  • The American Club Summer Camp 2010

    June 21st 2010
  • Mambo Caribbean Distro present 2010 FIFA World Cup Mania
    Bellagio Boutique Mall Lt. UG, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

    June 10th 2010
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